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Sounds of Summer Tour – Baltimore, MD – 6.8.17

Sounds of Summer Tour – Baltimore, MD – 6.8.17

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Hosting yet another big act in the reggae scene, Pier Six Pavilion was the first stop in the Slightly Stoopid Sounds of Summer 2017 Tour featuring IrationJ Boog, and The Movement.  Check out the gallery of the show as our photographer Luis Rosales was able to catch most of the show on this hot night.

All the way from SoCal comes J Boog, as they showed Pier Six Pavilion what love and positivity is all about. As fans were still making their way into the venue, J Boog started their set early at around 6:15 PM only for fans to come in and fill their seats.  With this being the first night of the tour, every artist started off fresh with super smooth vocals and tones being dialed in for the venue.  The group didn’t use any lighting production since there was plenty of daylight to lighten up the stage.  J Boog put out a grand performance in Baltimore as they finished out their 45 minute set.


Iration takes the stage next as the first band to use lighting and fog production. With a slightly heavier sound, the crowd were definitely more actively into the whole set.  Since the band had an hour to perform, they had plenty of time to show off their smooth reggae sound on this hot night.  Playing hit after hit, fans all over the place couldn’t help but to dance and sing along. With a nearly flawless performance, with the exception of crew adding fans to the stage to blow the fog away, Iration had gained so many more fans with the show they put on.  Adding to the reggae feel, keyboardist Adam Taylor comes from the back and pulls out a trumpet for his smooth solos and fills throughout the whole set.  Iration’s set did not fall short to expectations as everyone was left with a grin on their faces at the end of their set.


For the main act, Slightly Stoopid sets up running a little behind by about 15 minutes but it was well worth the wait as they had well over 20 songs to get through that night.  If you’ve never seen Slightly Stoopid, then you’ll quickly see the showmanship that Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald put on as they switch between bass and guitar every couple of songs. During some point of the show, a fan in the front row handed Kyle McDonald a joint as he lit it up on stage and took a few hits before passing it on to the rest of the band.  Since it got dark by the time they got on stage, production was stunning as they used almost every lighting fixture available to them.  The sound was massive as they filled the pavilion with the deep bass, twangy guitar, and the brass section evenly with perfect tones.  They were able to keep up the energy the entire night for almost 2 hours with the crowd dancing to the music and singing every word with the biggest smile on their faces.  Be sure to catch the rest of the tour in the upcoming dates as this was only the beginning.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.


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