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Kill the Flaw Tour – Sevendust, Trivium, Like A Storm – Baltimore, MD – 5.8.16

Kill the Flaw Tour – Sevendust, Trivium, Like A Storm – Baltimore, MD – 5.8.16

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Heading out for their first headlining tour of the states for their latest release “Kill the Flaw,” Sevendust found their way to Rams Head Live! in Baltimore, MD as fans of all ages were already making their way to the doors hours before show time. Joining them for this tour is metal heavyweights Trivium and Like a Storm to get the night going as photographer Luis Rosales was there to provide coverage.

New Zealand natives Like A Storm took center stage first with their ominous look as there were very little lighting to start off with. However, shortly after they went off with colored lighting, strobes, and even CO2 cannon going off every once in a while. The band was able to keep everyone entertained as for their 3rd song, lead singer Chris Brooks pulls out a didgeridoo while the drums jammed along with it too. To make things even more interesting, the band performed a cover of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” which threw some people off but got into it really quick. They ended with hits “Wish You Hell” and “Love The Way You Hate Me” to end on a high note after a spectacular performance.

Heavyweights of the current metal scene Trivium came up next as they did not waste any time and started off “Strife” to set the pace. Trivium decided not to go with crazy lighting for their set but that’s ok since what they had was enough with a few solid lights and strobes. They managed to play songs going back to their album “Ascendancy” and at least one song from each album after that. Even though Matt Heafy made an attempt to get fans to mosh, it was clear that there wasn’t that big of fan base of Trivium’s to start much. But those who were there to see Trivium sang along and still enjoyed themselves as many waited patiently for Sevendust. It was still a great performance from the guys as always.

The moment many fans were waiting for, Sevendust sets up their stage as they hoisted a white curtain to cover the entire stage right before starting with “Not Today.” Half way through the song the curtains drop and fans go crazy as Sevendust had goes off with their fantastic lighting. With the plethora of colors and CO2 cannons as well, they had a massive stage presence from Morgan Rose absolutely destroying his kit to Lajon Witherspoon giving all his attention to the fans, including taking the time to shake each photographer’s hand while he was singing. Even though this was a later show than usual, Sevendust was able to bang out 16 songs like nothing. They played through new and old to give the fans exactly what they wanted. Kill the Flaw Tour was extremely well put together with this lineup and production. If you get the chance, you should definitely try to the catch this tour on the remainder of the dates.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.


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