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Periphery recording new album

Alex Lizette
According to a recent Instagram post by guitarist Mark Holcomb, Periphery is officially in the studio recording their new album. Check out Holcomb’s post below. Day 1 of guitar tracking #peripheryIII ☝?️ A photo posted by Mark Holcomb (@markperiphery) on Feb 13, 2016 at 3:34pm PST

ALBUM: From First to Last – “Dead Trees”

Michael Bird
Whoever chose the name “From First to Last” for the so-monikered band likely never envisaged it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy. But after a gradual decline from the top of the post-emo-hardcore mountain into a muted 2010 hiatus, the latent band has risen in a new, rather intriguing incarnation. The recruitment of Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo […]

ALBUM: Periphery – ‘Juggernaut Alpha/Omega’

Michael Bird
Nothing marks out a proper progressive metal band like a double concept album. Separated into two distinct products but intended for enjoyment as one whole, the twin parts of ‘Juggernaut’ have been long awaited and anticipated, mention of it having been made back before the release of ‘Periphery II’. The stakes, therefore, are high. Despite […]