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All Time Low release sneak peak of ‘Straight to DVD II’

Alex Lizette
All Time Low have released a music video of their live performance of “Something’s Gotta Give” during their show at London’s Wembly Arena last year. The music video will be featured in their upcoming release of Straight to DVD II, which will be out August 6 via Hopeless Records. Check out the music video below.

All Time Low to work on new music

Alex Lizette
In a recent tweet, vocalist Alex Gaskarth announced he would be working on new music. Also, drummer Rian Dawson uploaded a picture of him at Studio 31 West via Instagram. Check it out below. Good things on the way! Bout to get lost in the desert for a bit and work on some tunes. Then we're […]

Best of 2015: Album of the Year

CaliberTV Team
No matter how different people are, they always look forward to the same thing– new music, or even better, a new album! It could be a wait of a couple months to even a couple of years, yet when that album drops, one still gets that same euphoric feeling. Check out which bands produced 2015’s […]

Best of 2015: Tour of the Year

CaliberTV Team
With every new year, comes new tours. Whether you prefer moshing in the middle, singing up front, or just enjoying the music from the back, concerts are always a place to connect with friends. Check out the most memorable tours of 2015. Hopefully you, too, got to attend one from the list below! 10. This […]