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ALBUM: Memphis May Fire – ‘This Light I Hold’

Michael Bird
Bring Me the Horizon have ‘gone pop’. Of Mice & Men have gone KROQ. Asking Alexandria… well lord knows what’s happening with them right now, but if Danny Worsnop is back for good then it wouldn’t be surprising if they went further down the rock ‘n’ roll route they’d tapped into as early as Reckless […]

ALBUM: Bastille – ‘Wild World’

Michael Bird
Damn it, Dan. Your band could be so good. Granted, you were the least interesting of the Class of 2013 neo-indie big hitters; outshined by The 1975’s sensual swagger, the Vegas glitz of Imagine Dragons, and the eccentric Haim sisters. But you had something, and that something has made your band extremely popular. At the […]

ALBUM: A Day to Remember – ‘Bad Vibrations’

Michael Bird
It’s wonderfully typical of A Day to Remember to do what makes the least sense at every opportunity. Unless you’re Patrick Star, you’ll be aware of the band’s trademark fusion of mosh-call metalcore and 2002 pop punk. Scores of naysayers said it didn’t work; scores more people bought their albums. Few bands’ success stories’ have […]

ALBUM: Hacktivist – ‘Outside the Box’

Michael Bird
Four years is a long time in music. When Hacktivist burst onto the then vibrant djent scene in 2012 with their self-titled EP, the subgenre was in a boom period and their fusion of Meshuggah riffs and grime rap vocals was exciting enough to draw in listeners beyond your typical tech-heads and music theoreticians. Now […]