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Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop end feud

Alfredo Preciado
After nearly a year and a half of back and forth social media stabs, it has appeared that Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce and former vocalist Danny Worsnop have ended their feud and have rekindled their friendship. Bruce also has addressed and denied the rumors that he unfollowed current Asking Alexandria frontman, Denis Stoff. Check […]

Danny Worsnop reveals stance on making heavy music

Alex Lizette
Danny Worsnop,former Asking Alexandria vocalist and current We Are Harlot frontman, has revealed in a recent reply on Twitter that he is not opposed to making heavy music again, but at this point in time, he has nothing planned. Worsnop is also in the process of working on a solo debut album, which will take […]

ALBUM: We Are Harlot – ‘We Are Harlot’

Matthew Powers
History repeats, in music especially – The reemergence of nu-metal in recent years for instance. Some bands are so rooted in an older sound that it feels as if the musicians came from a time machine and not the modern music scene. Such is the case with Roadrunner Records’ most recent signing We Are Harlot, […]