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Meet Noir, a four-piece Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band from Birmingham, AL currently competing to earn a spot on Atlanta, GA’s Warped Tour date.

Birmingham, AL

Byron Barmore – Vocals
Patrick Dixon – Guitar
Daniel Lowery – Bass
Tyler Yoho – Drums


For Fans Of:
Attila, Volumes, Sylar, Issues, Woe Is Me

Noir is a Metalcore / Post-Hardcore band from Birmingham, AL formed late 2014. The band’s first single “99 Bottles” was released on May 1st. The band is also currently hard at work trying to earn a spot on the Ernie Ball Stage in the Warped Tour Battle of The Bands contest to play the Atlanta, GA date.

What We Think:
Noir are riding the Nu Metal – Hardcore hybrid train, and it’s amount of passengers is ever-growing. The guitar-tone is very full and the August Burns Red-esque vocals rip, but the execution is rather bland. It’s difficult to pull off this sound without electronics to support the heaviness these days, so perhaps these gents will go that route. The self-reflective lyrics are emotionally heavy, the sound should be more in line with that idea. As it is the sound is somewhat empty but has potential to grow.

Why You Should Listen:
Because Limp Bizkit is taking a little while to release their new album and you’re looking for bands who carry the torch.

Vote for Noir to play Warped Tour!

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