Meet Makari, a progressive/alternative band from Tampa, FL.

Tampa, FL

Brandon Cullen – Vocals
Eric Stewart – Guitar
Lindsay England – Piano/Keys
Matt Beljan – Guitar
John Tomasso- Bass
Kevin Beljan – Drums

Who is MAKARI? After one listen through their EP, See Dreams,, it is clear that they are a six piece unit sent straight from the progressive-rock heavens. With a unique and out of this world vibe, MAKARI’s music has an unmatched sound with reminiscence of Circa Survive, As Cities Burn and Tides Of Man.

Formation came naturally for the Tampa, FL base band, MAKARI. They came together sporadically in 2012 before going on tour under the name of Brandon and Lindsay’s previous project. “Eric, Kevin and I had played music together since high school, so when the opportunity came to work together again it just seemed natural. Soon after, John joined the band through his friendship with Lindsay,” stated Matt. “We had a very strong connection.” This was when MAKARI finalized their line-up and began their creative takeover.

MAKARI’s recent release, See Dreams, is a beautifully composed five song EP that purely engages your curiosity. “See Dreams reflects our fascination with how the moon and the sea work together to keep everything going,” says Eric. “We wanted to write something youthful but also something beautiful.” The band called on the one and only Brooks Paschal (VersaEmerge, The Academy Is…) to record the EP in Tyler, TX.

Their Upcoming EP ‘Ghost Stories’ will be out later this year. Watch their music video for the single “Paper Ghosts’ in the mean time!


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