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Meet Concepts, a six-piece post-hardcore/metalcore band from Houston, TX who recently released their debut EP, Transitions.

Houston, TX

Aaron Isbell
Blake Williams
Jory Nunn
Cruz Stuart
Barrett Powers


For Fans Of:
Crown The Empire, Woe Is Me, We Came As Romans, Fit For A King, & Exotype

Concepts, an act hailing from Houston, Texas, first started making music in the late spring/early summer of 2011. With that in each of the 6 members’ minds (that were all set on doing this for a living), Concepts was born. They are all eager and anxious to get their next release done so they can hit the road and show the world the outcome of their creation. This band will not be stopping anytime soon. There is much more to hear, see, and experience.

What We Think:
I experienced a nice bit of 2010 nostalgia listening to “Mirrors”. Concepts are clearly going for a vocally-driven heavier post-hardcore sound with vocal trade-offs and slight touches of pop-punk melody & r&b notes intact. Though I’d hardly call this original it is a nice call-back to what was thriving in the scene a few years ago. If Concepts go for something a little more than nostalgia and tone down the over-produced vocal stutters and effects there could definitely be growth.

Why You Should Listen:
You can only jam Woe, Is Me’s Number[s] album so many times before you want to hear more.

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