The Phantom Anthem Tour – Baltimore, MD – 2.14.18

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Coming to Baltimore for this year’s Valentine’s Day, August Burns Red took over Soundstage to celebrate their newest album Phantom Anthem for this tour. Along for the tour is non other than Born of Osiris and Erra. Check out the gallery below as our photographer Luis Rosales was there for this spectacular show.


With their melodic metal sound, Erra came on stage to get the crowd rowdy as they had the sound that everyone was waiting for. With this sold out crowd, it was clear that most fans came in for Erra to start, but most were here anyways to get there early for a good spot. Even though most came in early, the fans were saving energy for this band as they they had the sound that they all wanted. Erra wasted no time for their short set as they gave it their all for about 30 minutes for the fans to get the night started right. The production was impeccable for one of the opening bands as they were definitely lit up by the venues fantastic lighting. Erra put on a great set for the night and got fans ready for the the other bands.


Up next was Born of Osiris as they came on with their more hardcore style as fans started to mosh harder than ever. With a much darker production, it was clear that Born of Osiris was as all about the music more than being seen. They were extremely backlit as the house had their own lights turned off for the most part. Fans were clearly into the band as they crowd surfed almost the entire night and made their way through the crowd to mosh. They had much more time to perform so that gave them more time to show Baltimore what they had coming for them. Every song was more involved and heavier than the last which was perfect for this crowd as they ask for more as the set went on. Born of Osiris put on a flawless set for Baltimore as August Burns Red was getting ready to come on next.


Finally for what most fans were waiting for, August Burns Red took the stage as they opened with “King of Sorrow.” Almost immediately, fans started to scream at the top of their lungs to all the words. Their production was amazing as they brought out the infamous flame for what they’re known for for the main stage backdrop. Even though their production was mostly backlit, ABR had the most extravagant lighting for the entire night with the most colors shown all night. With every song, fans everywhere we’re pulling out their phones to record everything they could as their setlist was perfectly orchestrated for this tour. With an even mixture of old and new, there was enough for everyone here in Baltimore. With this sold out show, August Burns Red was able to leave their mark here at soundstage to end this Valentine’s Day with a bang.

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