The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour – Baltimore, MD – 12.2.17


The Outbreak Tour presented Monster Energy brings along Waterparks this year as they made their stop at Soundstage in Baltimore, MD. Along for the tour, As It Is, Chapel, and Sleep On It. With the line wrapping around the block, it was never a question as to how many fans were going to be packing the venue to the brim. With each band, the energy was at a consistent level but high as if every band was the headliner. Each band had their own reaction from the crowd but each of which with constant cheering and crowd surfers. The production was absolutely beautiful with every band as they managed to squeeze in the huge screen into the venue and make the best of it. Overall the show was perfection, in terms of production, sound, band enthusiasm and fan reactions. Check out the gallery below as photographer Luis Rosales was there to capture every moment.


Sleep On It




As It Is



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