Cane Hill and My Enemies & I Summer Tour – Baltimore, MD – 7.27.17


Baltimore Soundstage holds yet another night of aggressive, heavy metal as Cane Hill and My Enemies & I took over Baltimore for the last date of their headlining tour.  Upon close observation, not many fans showed up that night. For those who didn’t attend, they missed out on two amazing breakthrough acts that played for a rather low attendance show.  Check out the gallery below as Luis Rosales was there in attendance.


My Enemies & I takes the stage as they brought a whole level of excitement to the show with their light up coffins and spectacular lighting with what seemed like a Halloween color scheme. They played a short set for about 30 mins but they were able to get the crowd they had to mosh their heads off. Fans on the barricade were head banging hard and loving the act. The band even played their newest single “Riot” which got fans giving their most. The energy stayed consistent throughout the whole set from start to finish which was amazing to see. They closed out with “Toxic” as they got the fans ready for Cane Hill.


Cane Hill was up to close out this aggressive night as they were able to ahead of schedule and start about half an hour earlier than originally planned. The band was noticeably darker with their production but they with their style it worked out perfectly. Fans reacted to the heavier music with more aggressive moshing which spanned almost the entire floor. Cane Hill noted on stage that it was the last night with My Enemies & I which earned them a huge applause along with celebrating their guitarist’s 22nd birthday. The band was able to get the majority of the crowd to move whether it was jumping or head banging. Cane Hill put on a solid performance in Baltimore along with every band that showed up this night.

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