Terror vocalist sets past issues aside to offer condolences for The Ghost Inside


Terror vocalist Scott Vogel had a history of beef back in 2012 with The Ghost Inside due to the band printing “hardcore” on a shirt, when according to Vogel, “[Live By The Code] is a very anti record of bullshit bands like the Ghost Inside [who]claim they’re hardcore when they don’t even know what hardcore is.” Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside responded with admitting he had disrespected Vogel, and his friends, in the past. During Warped 2014, the bands seemed to have looked past the issue.

Now, Scott Vogel is offering his condolences to the band and the drivers in light of their bus accident. Check out Vogel’s post on Facebook and read his statement below.

This is a photo of Vigil and myself in the summer of 2014, long after our differences were discussed face to face and put behind us. Terror and The Ghost Inside have not had a perfect friendship. But seeing the photos of their bus accident and hearing that people lost their lives in it, is really scary and heartbreaking. These guys are in my thoughts and I hope for the best for them. To the drivers that lost their lives in this tragedy: rest in peace.



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