Neck Deep release new versions of “December” featuring Blink-182 & Dashboard Confessional members

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Neck Deep have released two new versions of one of their Life’s Not Out To Get You tracks, “December”.

One version titled “December” features Dashboard Confessional’s, Chris Carrabba while the other new version, “December (again)” features Blink-182’s, Mark Hoppus. Each new version of “December” is accompanied by a brand new music video. Check out the videos now below.

“December is based on a scenario I found myself in a few years ago – an ex-girlfriend totally fucked me over, and left me out in the cold trying to figure out what was going on. The song is essentially a story about that relationship, a mentally apathetic take on how it all went down, where I essentially blamed myself.”

To have Mark and Chris featuring on each version of the track is wild, seeing as they’re huge—if not some of the biggest—musical influences for us. The different versions of the track are pretty fitting for the pair of them, and their voices really lend something extra to it all. It’s pretty surreal to be hearing our idols on a track of ours. We all had a moment listening back just thinking ‘What the fuck, how are Mark Hoppus and Chris Carrabba on a Neck Deep track?’ Surreal.”

– Ben Barlow (vocalist)

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