Dead Lakes release new single/music video “Eighteen Weeks”

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Dead Lakes were quiet since their last single in February, but it now appears that the band will be releasing a brand new EP this Friday, July 20th via Pale Chord. One thing which intrigued me about the band was that while they’re still building their following, they are on par with any well-known band within the scene. All of their music videos and recordings are excellent quality and clearly have much thought put into them. 

On the musical side of things, their verses are much more reserved compared to the chorus’. Their vocalist does a great job of switching up vocal styles and adding harmonies which add more to the song. Around the 3 minute mark is the only section which has only screaming, which is more like yelling in this case. It acts as a sort of bridge into the final chorus, which hammers in that vocal melody once again. Overall, Dead Lakes does a great job of getting those chorus’ stuck in your head while also providing interesting instrumentals to keep your attention. 

While it does follow your typical pattern of switching between verses, and chorus’, I believe they do it well. Instead of creating noodly instrumentals, the band holds back and acts as a cohesive sound. The song doesn’t veer on the long side, yet is right in the sweet spot at around three and a half minutes. Go check out any of their previous singles as well. All of them are just as quality as this one, including everything from their production to the music videos that go with them. 

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