The Devil Wears Prada – “Mammoth” LIVE! No Sun / No Moon Tour

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In the current heavy music scene, there are certain bands that are considered “can’t-miss” when they roll through your town. The Devil Wears Prada are absolute white lightning in that case. If you’ve never seen them live before, that’s okay, but you should reconsider your life decisions.

Just to persuade you a bit more, we filmed footage of the band in their natural habitat (AKA the stage) during their ‘No Sun / No Moon tour’ – a run of shows so important the band filmed a documentary about the experience.

This is no National Geographic film though. Well, unless it’s shark week. As you’ll notice, it’s all energy all the time for Prada. Take a gander at them performing their powerhouse Mammoth below and be sure not to miss them on tour.

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